2024 NFL Draft: Round 1 Recap


Well night one of the 2024 NFL Draft came and went with relatively little to no major surprises unless you are the Atlanta Flacons. In a live that seemed to surprise most watching from home and in Detroit the Falcons selected QB Michael Penix Jr just months after signing veteran QB Kirk Cousins to a deal worth $180 million.


Offensive Coordinators:

This draft was a record setter for offensive players taken in the draft with 24 of the 32 players selected being on the offensive side of the ball

Arizona Cardinals:

Kyler Murray got a big boost in the passing game with Marvin Harrison Jr heading to the desert. Maserati Marv will open up the passing game for the Cardinals just like his pops did in Indy.


Kirk Cousins:

See the opening remarks… The guy signed with Atlanta for 4 years $180 Million dollars only to have the team draft his replacement before he even takes a snap. Now I will say I do not think Michael Penix Jr sees the field in 2024 short of another season ending injury for Cousins.

**Side note: To be fair he also technically could be labeled a winner too cause of the whole $180 million thing.

                        The In-between:

Miami Dolphins:

No hate to Chop Robinson at all I think he will be a key piece of the Dolphins defense especially with Phillips and Bradley still mending from last years injuries but you can’t deny Miami wanted a guy like Troy Fautanu to help protect their franchise QB in Tua.

Denver Broncos:

They took Bo Nix at 12 and it reeks of desperation. Look it might work and the comparisons to Drew Brees might be correct but this pick just seems meh. Take that 12th pick use it to get something in a trade drop down to the low teens and still get Nix no need to rush a pick on a player that would have been available at pick 15-20.

In closing it was a good start to the 2024 draft but with round 2 and 3 coming up tonight I expect a there to be couple more trades and picks that leave us scratching our head going “The heck are they thinking!”